Vave Green Mood diffuser


Green Mood Vave is a device specifically designed to fit Green Mood CBD oil cartridges for vaping. It consists of a 510 threaded magnetic adapter, (its connection is standard 510), which fits perfectly with the Green Mood CBD oil cartridges, the cartridges are magnetically connected with the also magnetic ring included in the device, in addition its housing protects from the possible blows or falls that the cartridge could have. This magnetic system makes it easy to insert and load cartridges when you want to insert several cartridges at the same time.
Its small size makes it easy to carry it in any pocket and thus have the Vave at any time and situation.

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The Green Mood Vave Pocket Diffuser consists of a battery and a magnetic adapter with 510 thread, which threads perfectly into the Green Mood Vape oil cartridges (1). Now the cartridge can be connected to the battery (2), which is very easy due to the effect of the magnets that both have. Done! Now you can start vaping immediately. Do not look for a power button, because there is not, it is much simpler you just need to vape directly.
The built-in battery has a capacity of 380 mAh, which can be quickly recharged with a micro-USB cable, it is included in the package.

Green Mood Pocket Diffuser User Manual

Content & Specification

  • 1x Battery unit
  • 1x Magnetic adapter with 510 thread
  • 1x Micro USB 2.0 charging cable

Technical data

  • Battery: 380mAh
  • Dimensions: 63x18x29 mm
  • Weight: 35.2g
  • Material: Aluminium


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