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CBD Vape Oil 50% Super Lemon Haze is a premium vape product. It is sold in cartridges and is suitable for use in various electronic cigarettes. The concentration is very high at 50%, therefore only a few puffs are needed to feel the effect of CBD.

Green Mood CBD oils are exclusive products with high purity and quality. They contain full spectrum hemp extracts and are refined with natural terpenes. The intense flavor of Lemon Haze comes from different terpenes such as Terpinolene, Ocimene and Lemonene, which is an essential oil also found in lemons and limes.

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Green Mood’s new CBD Vape oil is a handy 0.5ml hemp oil CBD vaporizer cartridge with 50% full spectrum CBD (505 mg per cartridge).

It is different from CBD e-Liquids because it is Propylene Glycol (PG) Free, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Free, MCT Free so it is 100% natural CBD. This cowboy oil is enriched with natural terpenes, for this reason the oils taste much better than the classic CBD oil, which can be a little bitter.

The full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil cause an interaction, also called ¨efecto séquito¨que amplifies the effective effect.

Flavor and aroma

Lemon Haze - aceite de CBD para vapeo - Green Mood


The taste of vape oil is a tribute to the famous Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain. It’s a hybrid bred by crossing Lemon Skunk of Las Vegas and Super Silver Haze of Amsterdam. The flavor is very intense citrus flavor similar to lemons and limes, develops a subtle sweetness and ends with a touch of refreshing aroma of hemp. This type of hemp is said to have an energetic, revitalizing and energizing effect.
Due to the terpene profile, it is recommended to vaporize the oil at the beginning and during the day.


CBD concentration50%
Ingredientsfull spectrum CBD hemp extract, Natural Terpenes: Lemonene, terpinolene, Ocimene
DosageMax 3-4 trains
Conservationdark, dry place
Cartridge510 thread, ceramic coil that heats the oil evenly


After opening it, store it in a place away from sunlight and dry.


CBD oil is sold in a cartridge, which can be screwed on and off in all devices with 510 thread. Devices with a maximum power of 500 mA are recommended.
Since CBD oil is very strong, 3-4 draughts maximum per day are recommended at the beginning. You can enjoy its effect for up to 3 hours, after which time you can use it again if you feel it is necessary. It should be noted that the effects of CBD can be felt more or less depending on each person.
As the concentration is high, it is better to start with a few puffs at first to see how you feel and then slowly increase the dose.

The CBD oil cartridge has a 510 thread and fits perfectly with both the Green Mood Vave diffuser and the XEO Clearomizer Starter Kit which can also be available from Kanaturia.


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