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The name Gelato derives from its fruity aroma, reminiscent of a dessert, and is based on the Gelato variety of hemp from the Cookies family.
Thanks to Harmony’s work and experience, you can now also enjoy the full terpene profile they have hand-selected to recreate the most popular cannabis varieties, such as Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Amnesia, Critical Jack, Lemon Haze and Gelato.
Each bottle contains 5ml of terpenes.

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Harmony is one of the most internationally recognized producers of liquids with CBD and terpenes, thanks to its extensive experience in the extraction of plant essences.

Terpenes are the aromatic chemical substances found in a wide variety of plants, foods and essential oils. They are responsible for the aroma, taste, texture, colour and temperature of the plants, that is the organoleptic properties that differentiate and characterise each plant. In the hemp plant the terpenes are located in the trichomes, which are tiny mushroom-shaped crystals that cover the leaves and flowers.


  • Ingredients: Isolated Terpenes, Terpenoids, Aroma Compounds.
  • Quantity: 5ml Bottles
  • 0% THC, CBD
  • 0% PG / VG
  • 100% Legal Worldwide
  • No alcohol, no animal extracts
  • USP / food grade ingredients
  • Diacetyl free

Aroma and taste

  • Gelato terpenes come from the Cookies family. A fruity aroma and dessert. Limonene and camphene to keep it pleasantly fresh.

Possible applications

  • Terpenes give flavour and aroma to all kinds of herbal extracts, resins, hemp flowers, CBD crystals, CBD oils.
  • Don’t forget that terpene blends are concentrated liquids, so you should dilute them before use!.
  • Dissolve the terpenes in natural oils, resins or herbal extracts to evaporate them in “Vape Pens”.
  • Mix the Gelato terpenes with CBD – or other E-liquids to be able to vaporize them with an e-cigarette to enjoy the taste and aroma of this very special variety of cannabis.
  • Suitable for aromatherapy.

Precautions for use of terpenes

E-liquids and extracts: When using a standard 10mL bottle it is recommended to add 0.05-.15mL of its terpene mixture which is approximately 2-6 drops.
Do not ingest or vaporize the terpenes directly, they should always be diluted in an extract, oil, resin or liquid base.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.


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