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The eGo-T by Dipse is an e-cigarette in EvoD style, which is particularly suitable for beginners who want to start with the steaming. The set includes a complete e-cigarette, consisting of a powerful 1100mAh battery, a Clearomizer including mouthpiece and a USB charging plug! The chance to try an electric cigarette for a small price.

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The eGo-T is an electronic cigarette based on the eGo system. The powerful 650-1100mAh battery allows the user to take about 800-1500 charged trains.


  • Unscrew the black piece
  • Slowly fill the CBD e-liquid, making sure it does NOT get into the small central draw channel
  • Screw the e-cigarette together
  • Activate the e-cigarette. To do this you must disable the key lock by pressing the button on the front of the battery 5 times within about 5 seconds. until it lights up several times. Likewise, the key lock is also turned on again.
  • Hold your finger on the button and begin to press the button as you pull.


E-Cigarette eGo T
Litium battery 650-1100 mAh


To charge the e-cigarette, unscrew the mouthpiece, and at this point the battery and USB cable on it. Now plug the USB cable into a computer or into the wall outlet using a power adapter (you mobile power adapter). The charging time is about 5h. When the power light on the charger turns from red to green, charging is complete.


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