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The Clearomizer for e-cigarette by Dipse offers the easy possibility to vaporize CBD liquids in combination with the e-cigarette egoT. In addition, one can exchange different liquids and does not have to have used up the entire filling of a flavor first.

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The Clearomizer for e-cigarette convinces by an intuitive handling, long wicks and an unadulterated pleasure. The noble processing and the elegant Design make the DIPSE Clearomizer a convincing addition article for your e-cigarette. The high-quality construction of the Clearomizer creates an excellent liquid taste with a high steam volume. The Clearomizer system offers more steam power than comparable products in the same price segment. The liquid runs continuously and produces the authentic liquid taste. This Clearomizer is refillable and offers optimal liquid supply.

A replaceable wick system for long steam enjoyment means lasting enjoyment. The wick can be shortened for a faster liquid supply. Especially interesting for beginners is the transparent glass wall. You can read the liquid level of the Clearomizer attachment at any time. All parts can be screwed on and the workmanship is convincing. The large 1.6 ml capacity of the CE Clearomizer guarantees you a long steam pleasure.


  • Fill the Clearomizer Evaporator with the CBD E-Liquid of your choice, making sure it DOES NOT get into the small central draft channel.
  • Now screw the evaporator together with the mouthpiece onto the E cigarette dipse egoT and the device is ready for use.


  • Simple and intuitive handling.
  • Long wicks and excellent liquid supply.
  • Uncompromised taste.
  • First-class workmanship and elegant design.
  • 510er Thread.


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