Naturel Desir CBD Pleasure Gel


Enjoy a unique pleasure experience with CBD Pleasure Gel by Naturel Desire. It is a vaginal lubricant with CBD, formulated with different plants that have in common their use as aphrodisiacs throughout history. This special combination creates a synergy between all natural ingredients, which promotes natural lubrication, reduces pain that can occur during penetration, and provides enough relaxation to enjoy a unique intimate experience, prolongs and enhances orgasm, sensitizes the senses and increases libido and sexual arousal.

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Within this special formulation, one of the main ingredients is CBD or Cannabidiol, in addition to many other ingredients such as Cannabis Sativa, Cocoa, Cardamom, Mint, Vanilla, Coconut, Cinnamon, Ginger, Maca and Capsicum.
Each one of these ingredients contributes its properties to be able to promote the sexual experiences, stimulating, relaxing at emotional level and lubricating, all this of a natural form increasing the sensation of pleasure and arriving to extend the feminine orgasm.

Cannabis acts as a sensory stimulant while emotionally disinhibiting, increasing sensitivity in the 5 senses, improves the state of joy and mood, as well as promoting openness of mind to let in all kinds of fantasies.
In Cocoa, there are two hormones that are the main cause of the sensation of well-being in the brain, increasing the excitement and pleasure, it can be said that they act as a real aphrodisiac, are the phenylethylamine (FEA) and the best known which is serotonin.
Cardamom, better known in the culinary field, is a plant that appears cited in the Kamasutra, due to its aphrodisiac properties. The reason is that it stimulates the nervous system by reactivating the sexual cells through zinc, which causes an increase in sexual desire, solving the lack of libido.
Mint, is a stimulant of the nervous system, especially in women, and its refreshing properties act as an exciter of the genital organs.
Vanilla, is one of the plants already used by the Hindus as an aphrodisiac, thanks to its sweet fragrance created an ideal atmosphere for sexual relations. If taken, it has a relaxing power that makes it easy to give way to all the passion.
Coconut, coconut oil is widely used, both as a cosmetic and a lubricant, also has an effect not as well known as it rejuvenates male sexual fluids.


IngredientsCannabis Sativa, Cannabidial (CBD), Cocoa, Cardamom, Mint, Vanilla, Coconut, Cinamon, Ginger, Maca and Capsicum.
  • Prolongs the orgasm and increases its intensity
  • Increases the pleasure
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Increases sexual apetite
  • Works against erectile dysfunction


Store in a dry and dark place.

Instructions for use

Apply a drop on the fingers and massage all over the female intimate area.
Do not alter the pH of the area by applying a drop on the fingers, and can be used with a condom.

This is not a contraceptive product.
If you have any doubts or queries, we always recommend that you visit your gynaecologist.


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