Hanf Produkte für Gesundheit und Wohlempfinden

Kanaturia sells natural hemp products to enhance well-being and health. These include CBD oils, CBD liquids, nutritional supplements and therapeutic creams.

Natural hemp products

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CBD Liquids from Harmony

Harmony is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of CBD e-liquids. The British company wants to provide affordable access to cannabinoids and increase personal well-being in harmony with nature. Harmony is dedicated to the development of the most innovative and highest quality hemp products.

Kanaturia sells legal CBD products to promote health, wellness and well-being. These include, among others, CBD oil and CBD Liquids. The most important ingredients in cannabis are THC and CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactive effect other than THC and is therefore 100% legal.

Kanaturia offers only dietary supplement and no medicines.

Kanaturia provides information on current international developments on the topic of cannabis and health. The use of cannabis in medicine has gained in importance in many countries in recent years. Numerous studies already demonstrate a large number of therapeutic applications.