Cannabis Terpene kaufen

Terpenes are the main component of the essential oils of most plants, flowers and fruits, such as lemon, lavender, pine, eucalyptus, etc. Terpenes are responsible for the organoleptic properties of the plant, i.e. its aroma and taste are due to its terpenes.

The cannabis plant has combinations of more than 40 terpenes in each plant, it is very complex at the aromatic level. Each cannabis variety has a different proportion of terpenes, which makes each variety unique, it would be like its identity sign, each plant has its smell and taste that is different from other plants, it would be its ¨perfil of terpenos¨.
There are different producers who extract the terpenes from different cannabis plants to reproduce their cannabis profile and market it, one of which is Cali Terpenes.
Why not enjoy the full taste and aroma of a cannabis variety like the famous Amnesia, or the Super Lemon Haze or the tasty Cheese?
With the terpenes you can enjoy the aroma and taste of the variety of cannabis you want, without the psychoactive effects of that variety of cannabis, and benefit from all the properties that each of the terpenes has.
Usually brands use 10 to 15 terpenes to reproduce the profile, but Cali Terpenes faithfully reproduces the aromatic profiles of the different cannabis varieties, made by isolated terpenes of organic and vegetable origin.
Furthermore guaranteeing that they are free of transgenic (NO GMO), 0% added diluents, 0% THC, CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoid, 0% propylene glycol (PG) 0% vegetable glycerine (VG), and 100% legal worldwide. Only 100% pure terpenes.
Enjoy the best ¨perfiles of authentic cannabis varieties, bringing the taste and aroma to your e-Liquids.
Do not wipe without dilution.

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